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Toning Paper with Acrylic Paint for Pastel Painting

Hello fellow artists and friends!

In today’s post, I wanted to share my most recent pastel painting video, as well as a peek at the underpainting I used for the painting.

You can click on the photo above to watch the painting demo.

I like to paint on toned paper, but the sanded papers that I like to use do not come in very imaginative colors.
So, time to create my own! 

For this painting, I decided to try toning some Fisher 400, Uart 400, and Pastel Premier papers using Golden acrylic paint in Quinacradone Magenta. 

Untoned sanded papers

 I thinned the paint with water and applied it on each of the papers using a wide brush.

Each paper took on a slightly different tone.

The painting in the video was done on the Fisher 400 paper. 

Here is the painting at the end of the video.
You can see the magenta of the toned paper peeking through….

Violet Sunset

Many thanks to artist Susan Jenkins for sharing the reference photo shown in the video!

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Till next time,

Stay creative!




Rhonda is an artist, violinist, mountain dulcimer player, composer/arranger, homeschool mom, and chicken/goat farmer. To purchase her fine art, visit

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