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How to Scale Up Your Paper Size

Hello fellow creatives!

Today, I have a quick tip for you. 🙂

There are times when you may have a reference photo or even a small drawing or thumbnail sketch you’ve created that you need to draw on a bigger scale.

For example, I recently created this sketch and I wanted to do a larger painting of it.

Original sketch: ~2 1/2” x 6”

I needed to scale up my sketch to a larger piece of paper that would allow me to keep the original sketch’s proportions.

Well, there’s a quick and easy way to scale up your photo to whatever paper you have WITHOUT MEASURING!


You’ll Need: Paper, ruler, photo/sketch, pencil


Line up the top left corner of the photo/sketch you would like to scale up with the top left corner of whatever piece of paper you want to use for your larger work.


Once your paper corners are lined up, align your ruler with the top left corner and the bottom right corner of the photo/sketch. (See arrows)


Now simply use your pencil to draw a light line from the bottom right edge of the photo to the edge of your larger piece of paper. (Or you can simply make a small mark at the outer edge if you don’t want to have to erase a line later.)

Line drawn from photo corner to paper edge


The final step is to use the mark you made at the outer edge of the paper to draw a line straight across your paper. This gives you the new bottom boundary for your scaled up paper.

Draw the bottom boundary

Whatever is below this line can be removed and used as scrap or for another artwork!

I hope you find this tip helpful next time you enlarge your reference photo!

Till next time, stay creative!




Rhonda is an artist, violinist, mountain dulcimer player, composer/arranger, homeschool mom, and chicken/goat farmer. To purchase her fine art, visit

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