A Peek Into My Life…

Hello and Welcome! Thanks for stopping in to visit. This page is all about taking a peek into my life through pictures.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

 Living a country lifestyle is very important to me and my family.  
We share our lives with some critters that have become part of our extended family.
Over the years they have provided milk, eggs, companionship, countless lessons on life and death, and a deeper appreciation for where real food comes from!

I have a love for all things farm-related, but a special fondness for chicken coops, old gates and barn doors….

I love the many plants, flowers, and critters around our farm and garden.

I love the change of seasons I am privileged to witness every year….

But mostly I am grateful to be able to enjoy God’s wonderful creation, and I feel privileged to take part in the creative process as an artist!

Thanks for stopping in and taking a peek into my world! 🙂  

I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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